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We all want to feel in control of our lives, however, the majority of us don’t realize our subconscious rules our life 95% of the time.
Our subconscious mind holds all of our false beliefs from childhood, therefore, even when we consciously desire something, our subconscious sabotages it. 

After reading this book, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the subconscious works, learn how to start healing and reprogramming it, and finally start living the life of your dreams!
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What They're Saying...

Dr. John Gray

Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
 "Manifestation Mastery is a beautiful blend of neuroscience and spirituality, helping you to solve the mystery of manifestation in order to live the life you desire." 

Lisa Watts Smith

"Angela shares her wisdom so that you can maximize your own creation."

Susan St. Thomas

 Celebrity Astrologer & Artist
"Angela's work brings clarity to spiritual concepts and is an amazing tool for empowerment. She is a gifted teacher who can guide you on your journey of self discovery."
What You Will Learn...
The Major Role that the Subconscious Plays in Manifestation

How to Become Healthier, Wealthier, and Happier

How to Tap Into Your Natural Superpowers
Why Should You Read This Book?
Are you a high-achieving woman, stuck in the corporate world who KNOWS there’s something missing in your life? 

Are you struggling with love, money, career, or your health? 

You know you're meant for more! Learn how to become the hero of your life.
Angela Christian, MBA
Author & Life Coach
Angela Christian is a former Silicon Valley finance manager turned manifestation and mindfulness coach. After a near-death experience in 2015 due to toxic mold poisoning, she began a journey of healing by training in mysticism, shamanism, advanced energy work, Reiki, astrology, and mental fitness. After she was able to heal her own subconscious blocks, PTSD from domestic abuse, and more, she realized it was time to share her gifts with the world. 

Angela has been featured in the media (including Forbes, ABC, Fox, Psychology Today, Yahoo, Business Insider, and more) and appeared on national television to share her work with the world. She is an internationally in-demand life coach and resides in California with her three children.  
Angela Christian
What You Can Expect...
  • How to heal Childhood Blocks
  • ​How to Tap into your Divine Spark to Co-Create Your Life
  • Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns
  • How to choose Higher Self thoughts
  • ​Attuning your Energy to Abundance & Changing your Money Story
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